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Small DarylThe Cyprus property market has surged ahead in 2017, finally shaking off the legacy of the financial crisis that decimated it between the years 2013 -2016.

According to Land Registry statistics, the number of building permits for new homes continues to rise and most importantly, the value of these projects has also increased, signalling a lot more confidence in the construction sector.  Indeed, the construction sector is a valued and important contributor to the Cyprus economy, local employment and foreign investment.

The domestic property sales stream (Cypriot buyers) enjoyed strong gains with 60% increase in the number of sales in comparison to the same period last year.  Sales recorded in the Non-Cypriot (assorted foreigners) Market Segment also surged in the second quarter of 2017.  July has been a very popular month, with Fitzgerald’s experiencing an exciting month with a major surge of inquiries, viewings and resultant sales from both local buyers and foreign investors. 

Buying, owning and selling property in Cyprus is remarkably simple when you get it right and excruciatingly difficult with long-reaching and long-lasting effects when it is done incorrectly.  The difference is in the detail, and vigilance is needed to be 100% correct to ensure that you get the Title Deeds to your property in your hand (or at least the receipt for them!) at the time of purchase. 

At Fitzgerald Estates Your Aim is Our Mission whether you are a buyer or seller! 

  1. We excel in customer service:  The critical component of our success is our friendly and highly knowledgeable team that focus on what the client needs and wants and what he or she expects from us.
  2. We treat clients fairly and with respect. Our Paphos Office is open 6 days a week and our professional staff are on hand to advise and to help you through the relevant processes to achieve your personal aim.
  3. We are selective in only marketing property with Title Deeds or Title Deeds that are available at the point of transfer.  The vital key to purchasing in the Cypriot property market is clients securing their Title Deeds for their property immediately and not some years into the future.
  4. Fitzgerald Estates enjoy a high level of credibility, appreciation and integrity in the local property market, which is their aim and their personal key to the success they enjoy.
  5. At Fitzgeralds, as professional agents we consistently achieve a high level of satisfaction and ensuing goodwill from our clients that brings about healthy repeat business.