Timi village is located in between Mandria and Anarita Village about 12km east of Paphos and within easy reach to Elea Golf, Secret Valley, Aphrodite Hills Resort and its golf course, spa and restaurants.

Timi itself also has three village taverns, a supermarket, a bakery, a butcher and a few small kiosks and fruit stands nearby. Every Sunday, Timi village is home to a bustling open air market where vendors sell everything from books and bedding to fruit and vegetables.

The new American Academy School is also located just minutes from the village center and the Paphos International Airport is located within 5 minutes of the village. Despite being so close, there is no problem from arriving and departing air traffic which generally take off and depart over the coastline.

Timi enjoys a fantastic location in Paphos with all amenities nearby and a lovely locale for nature pursuits such as cycling, walking, photography and swimming. Timi village is only 1km from the vast coastal area of Timi Beachy and a 5min drive to the Paphos Limassol highway. Timi Eucalyptus Forest is an ending point for a popular cycling trail that begins in Kato Paphos and is 24km from start to finish. Close the the beach the Timi forest is a fantastic picnic area. Plenty of shade, vibrant greenery, picnic tables and benches.