Mesogi is a small traditional village on the foot of the hills towards Polis, approximately 300 meters above sea level, only a five minute drive from Paphos town, with all its amenities and services. For many a visitor Mesogi and Mesa Chorio lend seamlesly into one continuous village divided by the the river valley.

Mesogi, a meandering network of village houses and roads where once donkeys trekked in abundance. Mesogi, has beautiful panoramic views of Paphos and the surrounding coastline. A quaint and sleepy village with many impressive village houses and winding roads. Scenic beauty abounds.

The village is famous for its bamboo crafts and you can watch the ladies making the traditional pretty and practical basketware. Mesogi borders an old river which is lined with vast areas of bamboo. At the height of the season the entire courtyards (and most of the streets) are stacked with tall bamboo cuttings ready to be processed.

The variety of bamboo products seems to be endless: baskets, platters, plates, bowls, drink holders and traditional decorative pieces come in all shapes and sizes. Often the the plain bamboo is decorated with colourful bamboo strands and the intricacies of the designs is only a small indication of the level of the traditional talent in the village. In another variation of the craft pieces of cloth are woven into the pieces making the basket ware very appealing indeed.

There are numerous cafes and traditional tavernas in the village attracting locals, expatriate community and the tourists. Good food, friendly smiles and plenty of local tipple make for a merry time whether you choose to visit the village for lunch or dinner.

  • Mesoyi Village