It’s administration area, which was realigned in 1980, covers almost 3345 km².

Agia Marinouda VillageThe population of Agia Marinouda has recently mushroomed (1881 it was 41, in 1982 it was 82 but in 2001 there were 280 residents) mostly owing to the expansion of residential area. Close proximity to Pafos, a constantly developing town, will contribute to the increase of population in the future.

The first building was built on the point where the calcium rocks of the hills and the alluvial land of the plain meet. A small fountain next to the brook used to supply the village with water. However the first houses of the village were gradually abandoned. Next to the village the tourist apartments were built and they have changed the scenery completely.

Agia Marinouda VillageThe name of Agia Marinouda has a peculiar story as the habitants of this small community wanted to differentiate themselves from the other villages named after Saint Marina (Agia Marina) so they ended up with Agia Marinouda (meaning small Marina).

In the past, the entire community used to breed silkworms. In the area there were many mulberries, which were the basic nourishment of silkworms which were sent to the factory of Geroskipou to process their cocoons.