Kissonerga, a small village about 7-8km north-west of Paphos, is situated on a plateau about 200m above the sea level and about 2km inland, with vast stretches of the village enjoying commanding views to the sea. Kissonerga had its beginning just north of the present day village where you will find a very rare settlement from the Chalcolithic period (which lasted for about a millennium between 3500-2500BC). The site is an important settlement and evidence suggests that a powerful fertility goddess was worshipped here who protected childbirth and infants, a culture characteristic of the Paphos region.

The village consisted of clusters of round houses built of stone and mud with no defensive walls (its strategic position allowed for early warning of the presence of the enemy) and its inhabitants lived on hunting, fishing, herding & gathering.

Kissonerga is only just beginning to blossom commercially as the ‘lifestyle’ set is attracted to the quaint facilities of a still very traditional village. Excellent and very fashionable restaurants, a chemist that offers the latest trend in presentation, a very stylish hairdressers, coffee shops, etc. cater for the growing number of Expatriates and locals preferring the atmosphere of the old village.