Welcome to the April edition of the Fitzgerald Estates newsletter. If you’re thinking of marketing your Cyprus  property then look no further than Fitzgerald Estates! Over the past few weeks we’ve been happy to deal with clients from all over the world. We thought we’d let them tell you about their experience to illustrate how we work and to show exactly how easy buying and selling with Fitzgerald Estates really is.. even if you’ve been in Cyprus for just a few days!

Matteo arrived in Paphos from Spain in January, keen to start a new adventure in 2024 and relocate “somewhere warm and friendly”.

As Matteo tells us … “Moving to Cyprus is a great idea for me as I’ll be paying low taxes and having an adventure at the same time … I was in town for a week and I knew I loved it so I bought a 2 bedroom townhouse in Coral Bay through Fitzgerald Estates. The process was so easy and with a 10% deposit and a transfer of the remaining funds from Spain it took very little time and now I own my own place which doubles as my home and office. Everything was so easy … I didn’t have to do anything apart from move in!”

Thomas from Stuttgart in Germany has a similar tale to tell … “Everything for me is about lifestyle and I’d thought about living in the sunshine for so long and then suddenly I realized if I move to Cyprus I would pay around 5% tax instead of up to 60% in Germany.

Who to trust in real estate in Paphos? I heard about Daryl and his team and checked their websites and reviews and then heard Daryl on the radio!! We met at his office and I immediately respected his direct approach, viewed 4 properties with a beautiful German speaking team member then made my choice. Fitzgerald Estates did everything and I didn’t have anything to worry about. I really felt taken care of by experts. I highly recommend the experience!”

We have so many clients who would tell a similar tale and of course you are more them!

Our systems have been in place for many years and we know all the experts and artisans locally who can make any transaction, whether buying or selling property, entirely effortless on your part.

We also secure the best prices for property, we are optimistic and also realistic, which means sales happen faster and without unnecessary delays as all our properties have clear legal titles and title deals.

Spring into action this spring and join the Fitzgerald Estates property boom… and business is booming!

Find us … and your dream property online at fitzgeraldcyprus.com also at cypruspropertyboutique.com and of course at our auction site fitzgeraldprestige.com.

Should you wish to take advantage of Fitzgerald’s tried and proven marketing system please email Fitzgerald’s your Title Deeds and Stamped Sales Agreement and contact us at contact@fitzgeraldcyprus.com  on 7000 8877, 00357 26930345 or pop into our office on the road from Kings Avenue Mall to Paphos Harbour 300 meters on the right, Monday to Friday 8:45 to 5:30 — no break for lunch, and Saturday 8:45 to 14:00. Enjoy the sunshine!