Cyprus Property Lawyers

Cyprus Property Law - Conveyance In search of confidential, high quality, prompt and cost-effective legal services Fitzgerald's have been active in the Cyprus property market for many years.  Purchasing or selling immovable in Cyprus, requires working closely with a legal professional to assist and advise the client.  In the course of our business we have [...]

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Responsibilities of Property Ownership in Cyprus

Responsibilities of Property Ownership in Cyprus. (The Immovable Property (Transfer and Mortgage) Law 9/65) Local Taxes Fees Capital Gains Tax on Property on sale of property or if you are a Buyer you are responsible  to pay the Property Transfer Fees and The stamp Duty The final step in the sale of property is [...]

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Application For A Permanent Residency

Lodging application for a permanent residency permit as a visitor (Category F) Buying homes in Cyprus, buying luxury properties in Cyprus or  buying apartments in Cyprus To apply for a permanent residency permit in Cyprus the following list of documents have to be submitted to the Immigration Department, Cyprus:         Valid passports and 2 [...]

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Cyprus as member of the European Union

Aquis Communautaire Treaty  -  basic principles of the EU applies regarding: Free movement of persons Free settling of persons Free movement of capital Free and unencumbered acquisition of immovable property(any number and types)  The Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS) On payment of relevant fees information can be provided to “interested persons” in relation [...]

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EU Passports for Cyprus Property Buyers

The immovable Property Acquisition (Aliens) Law Acquisition of property in Cyprus by Alien is slightly more complex.  Buying property in Cyprus is open to aliens and the buying process largely follows the ordinary path when purchasing real estate in Cyprus.  However, procedures and relevant applications are best handled by expert legal representative (see article Cyprus [...]

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