Lodging application for a permanent residency permit as a visitor (Category F)

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To apply for a permanent residency permit in Cyprus the following list of documents have to be submitted to the Immigration Department, Cyprus:

  •         Valid passports and 2 passport pictures of each applicant.
  •         Prove of financial assets anywhere in the world through bank statements, bonds, sources of monthly income etc.
  •         Documentation on any immovable property anywhere in the world through property title deeds etc. in order to prove a sufficient financial standing of the applicants
  •         Bank reference of any bank you are customers
  •         Once you have settled in Cyprus you will also have to arrange a medical insurance to support your application for permanent residency.

Regarding the registration of a company in Cyprus which is operating in the field of real estate

The registration of such company -procedure:

Legal fees and costs are as follows:

Legal fees and real costs for the approval of the company name

and all registration procedures                                                           Euros 1.100,00 plus 17% VAT

Registration of the established company at the

Inland Revenue Department and VAT Authority                              Euros    100,00 incl. 17% VAT

Please note: that if you wish to operate as a Real Estate Agent in Cyprus you will have to provide the official certificate obtained in Russia or any other country for this profession and your legal representative in Cyprus will submit an application to the Cyprus Board of Real Estate Agents in order to get the permit to execute this profession here in Cyprus.

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