Buying or Selling. Fitzgerald's Have the Best Results   We do live in an ever-changing world and there really is no denying that the world has changed so much in just the past 3 years. We’ve experienced, the coronavirus, severe global warming an almost 3rd world war scenario with the Russian Ukrainian conflict, an economic slowdown worldwide and a fully-fledged Middle Eastern conflict, the most profound in decades.

We are very fortunate to live in Cyprus and more and more of the world’s population are discovering the island as a tranquil haven, with low taxes, a low crime rate and a relaxed lifestyle and of course the weather, with a hot summer season and a mild winter. Hospitals and medical care are at a very high standard, with waiting times for operations very often just a few days and instant access to your GP, whether you’re a private patient or enrolled in the system of healthcare known as “Gessy”.
Economically Cyprus is very stable with a healthy rate of economic growth and an inflation rate that is amongst the lowest in Europe!
It won’t surprise to you to learn that property prices are increasing across Cyprus as there is a constant influx of Europeans looking to start a new life on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean! Prices of properties have been traditionally lower in Paphos compared to its neighbours such as Limassol, however the price disparity is disappearing as Europeans are happy to commute to Limassol or Nicosia, as they’re used to a commute of an hour or so heading into London, Paris, Berlin or even Moscow.
 Perceived distances are shrinking and prices of property in Paphos are expanding and are now at their highest ever.
Thinking of selling your property? Well now is the perfect time!
Thinking of buying a property? Well now is the perfect time!
The perfect choice of real estate agent of course is Fitzgerald Estates!
Daryl and his multilingual team have decades of experience in the Paphos property market ensuring that sellers receive the best possible price and that buyers are getting great value too and with no headaches, all too common when buying or selling a property for the first or the 50th time!
A team of artisans work with Daryl and the team to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly, for the legal aspects of a transaction, a team of experienced lawyers are on hand as are builders, plumbers, painters and decorators and even interior designers to handle more practical matters! Your peace of mind is guaranteed!
The Fitzgerald Estates formula is tried and tested over decades in the property market in Paphos and with a multilingual staff speaking your language, innovative marketing strategies online and in print, plus a successful partnership with local radio in Paphos and Limassol and three bespoke websites and the auction site….You are guaranteed success and peace of mind too!

Contact Fitzgerald Estates today… The team you can trust! It really is the right time to buy or sell your Cyprus property!