Sunshine Radio will be LIVE at Fitzgerald’s on Tuesday 17th September 10 am to 1 am.
Everyone is invited for FREE coffee, tea, cake and biscuits to Fitzgerald’s office to enjoy the party with Simone Swift and Dave Asher and ask any questions about selling and buying your property from Daryl Fitzgerald.
Should you bring your property file, Daryl and his excellent team of lovely ladies will help you with precise information and details about selling your property.
Many of Fitzgerald’s professional friends will also be on hand to help you as necessary
Daryl is a regular on Sunshine Radio on Thursday mornings 9 am to 9:30 and welcomes your interest, opinion and verdict?
Fitzgerald’s are hot sellers this sizzling summer with many sales of villas, boutique villas,townhouses and apartments from their cool air conditioned office on the road from KINGS MALL to Paphos Harbout, 300 m on the right. 
St Michaels Hospice will be supplying coffee, tea, cake and biscuits and welcome your donation of any size, for this excellent cause open to everyone who needs it.
For more details please call Fitzgerald’s on  70008877, 26930345 or email