1. Acquiring Residency Status
    2. UK Nationals/British people can continue to live/work/study in Cyprus for as long as they
      wish. Their rights are protected due to the agreement with the EU in 12/17.
    3. Once you are permanently resident in Cyprus you must register with Immigration after 90 days of arrival to legalise you status. This is the MEU1.
    4. If you have been here full-time for 5 years or more you must now apply for a new residency permit, the MEU3 (long waiting list for appointments in Paphos)


    1. Up to 31/12/20 completely normal travel arrangements to and from UK.
    2. From the beginning of 2021 travel between UK and EU still under negotiation.
    3. Tourists can still use their European Health Card until the end of 2020


    1. Social Security contributions made before and post Brexit in the UK and in other member states count towards a future UK or EU pension.
    2. Workers in Cyprus originally from the UK have rights to social benefits in the same way as Cypriot Citizens
    3. UK/British nationals living in Cyprus should apply for a Cyprus medical card. If they do not qualify they should hold private insurance until the new Cyprus Health Service (GESY) is in place. This will be similar to the NHS.

    4.Types of Residency Status

    1. There are three types of Residency Status:
    2. MEU 1 – 3 months +
    3. MEU 3 – 5 years +
    4. Cypriot Citizenship – 7 years +

    5.What documents are Required for a MEU3

    1. The list is long but not all may be necessary! Depends upon the office, who does the application, etc. Most important is the MEU1 (yellow slip)
    2. Tenancy Agreement or Title Deed or Sale Agreement
    3. Utility bill for last 5 years or statement from the relevant authority confirming that your bills go back 5 years (AHK do this regularly for various claims)
    4. Bank Statements dating back 5 years
    5. A month by month statement from Social Insurance showing contributions made
    6. Anything else that dates back for 5 years that may validate your residence.