The most important aspect of buying property in Cyprus is the presence of the Property Title Deeds. Under the Cyprus law, only the presence of the property Title Deeds in your name identifies you as the absolute owner of that property with all the rights, responsibilities and privileges contained therein.

We are here to ensure that buying property in Cyprus easy, fun, rewarding and, above all, secure.

EASY – We give you all the details of the property on-line.  You can find exact Google Map location of your new Cyprus home. The map will show you where it is, what’s around, how far to the sea, etc.
On arrival in Cyprus,  and even before you come to our office, you are able to follow the Google map location to check it all out.  The neighbourhood, the property street presentation, the curb appeal, the neighbours, the views, etc. etc.  There are a lot of factors to consider when buying property but with all our inclusive property details and state of the art presentation you are well on the way to find your ideal home the easy way.

FUN – Buying resale property is fun. You can see it and you can show it to your friends. It is not an idea that you are buying, but real brick and mortar. Of course, we will be delighted to arrange a non obligations inspection visit. All viewings are accompanied by our expert staff and we offer professional service and advice. No speculation, no worries. If you decide to buy, we liaise with all parties to help facilitate the buying process is easy and you secure the Title Deeds in your name.

The rest of your stay you can enjoy the sunshine and you’ll have more fun to plan your new life in your new home.

A. Mandziak Real Estate Agency Ltd are a licensed Real Estate Agents with the Registration Number 637. D. Fitzgerald Marketing is A Mandziak Estate Agency trading name.

REWARDING – With many thousands of pounds/euro’s/dollars involved, it is imperative to invest wisely. Fitzgerald’s are here to ensure you know exactly what represents good value in the market place and what you are buying. Investing in  property with Fitzgerald’s means you get the most value for your money. Fitzgerald’s do not deal with third party commission agents which inflates the cost of purchase.

SECURE – In Cyprus law only the presence Title Deeds in your name identifies you as the absolute owner of that property.  Fitzgerald’s are here to ensure that your investment in immovable property is secure, stress free and enjoyable.

We are here to ensure that your buying process is smooth and stress free,  and you have yourself a first class top quality property, you have paid the right price and you have Property Title Deeds to your new property.

Cyprus (Law 224/90)

“Licensed Real Estate Agent means registered real estate agent, who at the material time holds a current license issued pursuant to Section 17 (Real Estate Agent’s Act 71(l)/2010) and includes a person legally exercising the profession of real estate \agent in another Member State and provides services in the Republic in accordance with the provisions of this Law”

The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) is responsible for the registration of persons practicing the real estate including Quantity Surveying and Property Valuation.