EPC — Energy Performance Certificate

This is another huge leap into the 21st Century for Cyprus. The Performance of Buildings (Energy Certification of Buildings) Regulations come into force in January 2010 and specifies that all properties listed for sale must have a current energy performance certificate, the EPC. The cost of the EPC is the responsibility of the owner / seller and the [...]

Налог на доход от прироста капитала

Прибыль рассчитывается как разница между ценой продажи и ценой покупки за вычетом процентов, оплаченных по платежам (например жилищного кредитования) в ходе приобретения собственности, уровень инфляции, услуги агентов недвижимости, расходы, связанные с утвержденными дополнениями в собственности и некоторых личных льгот.  Вычисления: (A) Личные льготы, которые предоставляются и вычитаются в момент расчета налога на прирост капитала, [...]

New Decree to Ease the Pain of ‘Trapped Buyers’

Buying or selling property in Cyprus is safe.  The property ownership is one the fundamental rights enshrined in the Cyprus Constitution.  The 'Trapped Buyers' issue arose when the middle men, in this case some of Cyprus property developers, decided to build what suited them.   Short on compliance or due diligence,  some developers followed their [...]

Cyprus Property Lawyers

Cyprus Property Law - Conveyance In search of confidential, high quality, prompt and cost-effective legal services Fitzgerald's have been active in the Cyprus property market for many years.  Purchasing or selling immovable in Cyprus, requires working closely with a legal professional to assist and advise the client.  In the course of our business we have [...]