Cyprus International 4-day Challenge

The Cyprus International 4-day Challenge Event is a staged running event, covering a distance slightly longer than a marathon, which includes road, trail and cross-country running. It is an adventurous and challenging running event with 4 different races taking place during 4 days. The Event successfully combines a 6k time trial, an 11k mountain [...]

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Donna and Ray from Manchester in the north of England were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary when suddenly they realized that they'd been married for 30 years but had probably only spent 5 years together! Ray was always away driving a huge truck across the UK while Donna had been busy teaching in a [...]

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Festival traces the evolution of classical music

The 12th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival returns to the Shoe Factory from October 8 featuring three distinct concerts alongside a number of other corresponding activities, such as lectures, workshops, and educational activities for the youth. As always, the festival aims to be a melting pot of music traditions, from east to the west, [...]

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Wine festival going ahead with restrictions

The Limassol Wine Festival will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year, in October, after being cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. There will however be some modifications to ensure all health protocols are followed. The Limassol municipality announced on Friday that the 60th Wine Festival will take place between October 9 and 16 [...]

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Featured Property: Tremithousa Sofia Villa

Tremithousa Village still retains its rustic charm of old with the long and narrow main street lined with the traditional cottages and every now and then, a narrow lane branches off sideways leading to a complex system of alleyways and compact village homes. The whole area enjoys particularly fertile soil with the carob groves [...]

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Business is booming at Fitzgerald's with sales to buyers from Cyprus, UK, Russia, Poland, Kuwait, Israel & Germany in the last 2 months. Fitzgerald’s quality property at reasonable prices with Title Deeds is well known so that buyers can purchase with confidence and seller's can get optimistic and realistic prices for their lovely property. Our [...]

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