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Новостная лента ИЮЛЬ 2021: Продажа недвижимости онлайн. 6 шагов к успеху

ПОКУПАТЕЛИ и ПРОДАВЦЫ  приветствуют видео-онлайн продажи от Фицджеральдс. Забронируйте онлайн-видео просмотр полюбившейся недвижимости в удобное для вас время. Фицджеральдс проследит за соблюдением всех юридических/правовых аспектов. Определитесь с окончательной ценой. Внесите депозит для снятия недвижимости с продажи для вас. Согласуйте дату окончательного платежа и передачи ключей. Покупатели, продавцы и, конечно, Фицджеральдс отмечают 6-ю продажу недвижимости [...]

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Music from around the world at Rialto

World music, live performances and a percussions workshop for children are coming up at Rialto Theatre this July. Throughout the month, local musicians will take to the Rialto Open-air stage to bring sounds from around the world as for the second consecutive year, the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival focuses exclusively on Cypriot musicians, [...]

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Cyprus radio industry remains strong despite overall decline in EU

The radio broadcasting industry in Cyprus has remained strong while in most of the EU it is declining. Cyprus has 37 broadcasters, the European Union’s statistical service (Eurostat) noted in a recent study, that are currently active in Cyprus. While Cyprus has only a fraction of the total amount seen in countries such as Spain (963), [...]

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Newsletter JUNE 2021: Avi is Happy he Found Fitzgerald’s

Avi Katzir from Tel Aviv in Israel had been searching for an apartment in Paphos for a couple of years as he enjoyed getting away from the hustle and bustle of the middle east for a few months every year! Prices in Tel Aviv are comparable to London and Paris so property in Paphos [...]

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Technopolis 20 classics continue in May and June

The Technopolis 20 Classics, a classical music concert series, organised by Technopolis 20 and a private sponsor, is holding its last concert of spring at Markideio Theatre this month. Titled Classical Romanticism, the concert will take place on Monday with George Georgiou on clarinet, Doros Zesimos on cello and Gergana Georgieva on piano. The [...]

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Pafos zoo entices visitors after months of lockdown

Pafos zoo has finally opened its doors to the public and its array of new additions are proving popular after months of forced closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. The zoo was only permitted to open for one month last year and had to close in September due to the restrictions. Since it opened [...]

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