With four new, modern and distance postgraduate programmes unique in their fields in the Greek-speaking area, which have been certified by the Cyprus Quality Assurance and Certification Body of Higher Education, the Open University of Cyprus strengthens its role in distance higher education.

The new programmes cover in depth the requirements of cutting-edge industries that are experiencing significant international prosperity, and offer students scientific knowledge, specialisation and professionally exploitable skills. The application period for all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for the academic year 2020-2021 will end on August 26. Applications are submitted online through www.ouc.ac.cy.

The postgraduate programme Bioethics – Medical Ethics incorporates thematic units that deal with the theoretical bases and focus on issues of modern times It is aimed primarily at health professionals, lawyers and other relevant scientists and aspires to a) provide stakeholders with the knowledge and skills that lead to the improvement of the quality of services they offer and b) strengthen their capacity to be able to make critical decisions about the course and quality of human life.

The postgraduate programme Media in the Modern School offers teachers and others access to critical, global and in-depth knowledge of significant value related to modern media, educational sciences and literacy. This knowledge will enable teachers to constructively manage the new requirements of the educational process and to utilise modern media in the learning processes in a critical and effective way. At the same time, this knowledge will offer every student new skills in communication, the digital world and the educational environment.

Combining elements from the disciplines of political science, history, social theory, law, economics and international relations, the postgraduate programme Political History, Theory and Practice aims to offer a multidimensional, substantive and systematic education to all interested in politics and history and to approach politics as well-trained, potential politicians, both at a scientific and practical-professional level.

The postgraduate programme Digital Drama and Theatre in the Study of Greek Culture systematically explores aspects of ancient Greek culture using new technologies of image, sound and augmented reality and offers training in the creative use of interdisciplinary, open and familiar learning environments.




(Cyprus Mail)