As you know we are always keen to increase the number of properties we are able to offer our ever-growing client base and we really can do what we say and receive the asking price, as our pricing policy is always optimistic but realistic. However, we do need a constant flow of properties to satisfy demand which is outstripping expectations once again… with another extremely successful month in August and clients from all over the world buying property in Paphos.

We are the envy of our competitors with clients, just in the last month from Britain, Israel, Austria and of course Cyprus to name but a few!  The reason we’re so successful is that we have an incredible marketing strategy which puts our properties in direct line of sight of successful people who enjoy the fact that we take care of everything and everything is clear with a sole agency agreement and a 10% deposit to take the property off the market. Prices are pitched just at the right level for buyers and sellers alike with full asking prices being achieved, we know the market in Cyprus better than any other agents as we have so much experience and success under our belts!

We are never complacent though and will always go the extra mile to offer the best of service. For example, our fortnightly property auctions where properties are selling very quickly at very often prices beyond expectations. No other agent offers so much and delivers so much … we are the best in Paphos!

However you don’t need to take our word for it … try the Fitzgerald’s experience for yourself and whether buying or selling a property, we know you’ll be delighted!

Find us online at and also the and our auctions at Whether you’re in Paphos or thousands of miles away you know you’re guaranteed success, as that’s what we guarantee and deliver constantly!

Our multilingual team are ready and waiting to meet you!

Should you wish to take advantage of Fitzgerald’s tried and proven marketing system please email Fitzgerald’s your Title Deeds and Stamped Sales Agreement and contact us at or or on 7000 8877, 00357 26930345 or pop into our office on the road from Kings Avenue Mall to Paphos Harbor 300 meters on the right, Monday to Saturday 8:45 to 5:30 — no break for lunch. Enjoy the sunshine!