Heading into Summer 2024 with Fitzgerald Estates and we’ve never been busier with properties moving very quickly indeed, so if you are thinking of buying or selling a property here in Paphos, always remember Fitzgerald Estates are here to bring you the very best properties at the very best prices and with the very best service. We really do leave our competitors behind!

Just today as we’re writing this newsletter we’ve made a sale to an Israeli gentleman as well as a Russian lady with sales agreed at the full asking price and we know both purchasers are serious, as they have both supplied the necessary 10% deposit.

Our sales team have never been busier with clients arriving in Paphos from all over the world. This really is a boom time in a boom town so if you’re considering a property purchase or perhaps sale, do speak to the team at Fitzgerald Estates as we have the knowledge to guide you and after decades in real estate here, we really are unbeatable.

  • FITZGERALD’S ARE THE TOPS IN REAL ESTATEWhich other agent in Paphos sells more resale properties than us?
  • Which other agent in Paphos has our ingenious marketing strategy, where we and your property receive maximum exposure worldwide and locally too?
  • Which other agent has such a clear cut contract and a completely full proof system of operation, tested over decades to guarantee a smooth transaction?
  • Which other agent is as transparent as us?
  • Which other agent can offer you access to a team which speaks so many languages?
  • Which other resale agent publishes a printed quarterly property catalogue?
  • Which other agent has so many repeat clients… Some of whom return to us after their initial contact with us was decades earlier?
  • Which other agent has a dedicated auction website?
  • Which other agent is more renowned than Fitzgerald Estates?

If you can answer any of these questions we’d be happy to hear from you!

Fitzgerald Estates happy to be the best! Ask our thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world! Better still become one of our satisfied customers! We look forward to meeting you.

Should you wish to take advantage of Fitzgerald’s tried and proven marketing system please email Fitzgerald’s your Title Deeds and Stamped Sales Agreement and contact us at  on 7000 8877, 00357 26930345 or pop into our office on the road from Kings Avenue Mall to Paphos Harbour 300 meters on the right, Monday to Friday 8:45 to 5:30 — no break for lunch, and Saturday 8:45 to 14:00. Enjoy the sunshine!