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Limassol Wine Festival 2017
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Limassol Wine Festival 2017

From Thursday 30th August to Sunday 10th September

Working hours:

  • Working days from: 19:00 until 23:00
  • Friday – Sunday from: 19:00 until 23:30

“The Limassol Wine Festival 2017″ will customarily take place in the Limassol Municipal Gardens during the first week of September.

The Wine Festival is held in Limassol since 1961 and it is one of the most popular events of the island which turns the city into the wine capital of Cyprus.

The festival revives the festivities dedicated to the god of wine Dionysus and to the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. During such celebrations people did not really worship the gods as much as they enjoyed the delicious wine, food and fun atmosphere.

The guests of the festival will have an opportunity to taste Cyprus wine originating from different parts of the island, as well as to taste the Cypriot dishes and sweets.

The following wineries will participate in the festival this year: Athenodorou & Sons, Hadjiantonas Winery, Makkas Winery, The Anama Concept, Vouni Panayia Winery, Ktima Christoudia, Kostas N. Erimoudis, Vasiliadis Winery, Tsiakkas Winery.

Location Limassol Municipal Gardens, 28th October Avenue, Limassol
Ticket price:
• €6 - Adult: the price includes the tasting of the wine provided by various wineries, as well as one bottle of wine from LOEL and SODAP
• €4 - children 13 -18 years old
• €3 - children up to 12 years old

Cost of the accessories:
• Plastic wine bottle - €1.50
• Glass - €1.50
• wine glass - €2.50