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Prices Up In Paphos


Daryl Aug2016

The property market is changing in Paphos. There are still 1000’s of properties on the market but the best quality properties with the wow factors is fetching 10-15% more that in 2017.

Confidence in the Paphos property market is growing steadily and this means that buyers with large wallets are coming back into the market and are willing to spend in the region of €500,000and more.

Normally, buyers want the best quality property with Title Deeds at a reasonable price and they find this at Fitzgerald’s.

Knowledge is crucial to the buyers who are seeking help, understanding and fairness from the agent too.

All this means that now is the time to buy quality properties before prices increase any more.

Remembering that property prices in Paphos are still extremely low compared to Limassol, there is even more urgency to buy soonest.