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pissouri21Located in the Lemesos (Limassol) district, the beautiful village of Pissouri is built on a green hillside, just 3 km from Cape Aspro, and affords stunning views of both mountain and sea. Pissouri is just 30 km from Lemesos town, and can be reached by following the A6 route, or by following the B6 route.

The village was once a small port from where carobs were exported during Medieval times, and its stone-built carob warehouses have been preserved and converted into restaurants and residences. Nowadays it is known locally for its Halloumi cheese, and also for its small, sweet and seedless green grapes - Sultanina.

At the turn of the century Pissouri Village has managed something which is fairly rare, perhaps almost unique, in those parts of the Mediterranean which attract western European tourists. It has managed to retain its traditional Cypriot character, while adapting very successfully to welcome visitors.

Visitors can find almost anything they want in Pissouri - there are several shops and just every need is available. As far as tavernas, restaurants and bars are concerned, there is an amazing number and variety - and they are all good, serving food and drink of exceptional quality.

The views from Pissouri village and its surroundings are spectacular. It is set on the eastern slopes of the ridge reaching the sea at Cape Aspro, about 500 feet high on average - the highest point on the ridge is about 800 feet. To the East it is possible to see the countryside and the shore line all the way to Limassol and even beyond, and to the north the whole of the Troodos range, including Mount Olympus, at more than 6000 ft, the highest mountain on the island.

The beach area has developed since the beginning of the 1980s from a jetty and one small taverna, into what it is today - an informal collection of excellent tavernas, a few shops, two banks, some apartments and one hotel. It is not an overdeveloped resort, as similar areas on Cyprus have become during the same two decades, but like Pissouri village, it has retained a Cypriot atmosphere. It is here that many Cypriots come on Sundays. The beach itself is clean, safe, partly sandy and partly shingle, and there are some water sports available in the summer. Neither is it dead in the winter, it is just as enjoyable to have lunch on New Year's Day looking out over the sea as it is on 15 August - a Cypriot holiday in the summer - and there are just as many people eating in some of the best tavernas at New Year as in the summer.

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