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Five ways technologyThe development of various technologies in recent decades has raised a lot of discussions among the scientific community as well as among the wider public. People are debating whether newly-introduced technologies increase our ability to learn or decrease the merit of education as we all have super powerful all-knowing computers in our pockets. This dialectic gets pretty intense, nevertheless there are lots of advantageous sides of the issue in question.

Online Learning Opportunities
Internet and computers have redesigned the whole idea of learning. This is the perfect example of technology improving education, as now we can learn anywhere and anytime.

Reinventing Educational Experience
Technologies have updated our perception of the learning process; it gradually becomes much more interactive and multidimensional.

 Online learning is not enough within itself; the next step is to create virtual studying room that can provide space for meetings with professionals in related fields of studies and for sharing practical aspects of the job with students.

AI Technologies
AI is not only about robotic androids and futuristic sci-fi scenarios. It is also about the unique learning opportunities and numerous benefits of technology in education.

Interactive Interfaces Based on Physical Gestures
Move, touch, facial expression, and many other actions are implemented into the virtual studying programs and continue the impact of technology on education in different spheres.

The reimagining of the move technologies that could teach people numerous practical skills, as well as make learning, in general, a much more concrete and tangible.

Computer Games as Teaching Tools 
Games can create numerous possibilities of exploring, history, nature, the universe, our own bodies in a most engaging first-person experience. It can make a process of learning much more vivid and exciting, as well as much more knowledgeable.

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