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Daryl Aug2016The Paphos Marina has been the nearest thing to a game of ‘Pass the Parcel”, and for over ten years now there have been the ‘big three’ who were contenders for the prize, namely the Poseidon Consortium in which Aristo Developers were a major stakeholder, the Cybarco-Pandora Consortium, which included the Leptos Group and finally the winner, Pafilia Developers.  However, over time they were all winners for a while before the prize was snatched from under their noses, followed by appeals.

Finally we have the Pafilia Developers’ bid with one of the lowest costs at €240 million.  Their project will consist of a marina that will house approximately 1,000 vessels and 350 luxury villas.  Unfortunately there will be no hotel as with other bids, but there is no shortage of new and not so new hotels nearby.  So the clock is now ticking and as soon as the contracts are signed work must start within one year and completion and delivery of the project must be within three years.

Meanwhile Paphos continues to move on up in the world with the promise of several high rise buildings, some with up to twenty stories being on the agenda.  More details are eagerly awaited!

Meanwhile the  more urgent issue  of a permanent desalination plant to address water shortages is on the agenda and out to tender, as well as the construction of a mobile unit and the interconnection of three major water reservoirs in the Paphos area, which is expected to complete by the end of 2018.  Not something that is so pretty to look at, but a vital part of everyday life.

The much discussed Paphos to Polis Chrysochous Road is reaching its final stage of planning for the 15 km Ayia Marinouda to Stroumbi stretch of road.  The work is planned for completion in late 2019, with the second phase of the project commencing immediately upon completion of the first stage and finishing by the end of 2020.  So after many years, it finally seems a reality.

Not to be outdone the new Paphos Airport Road is gearing up for phase two, with new suggestions based from the Mayor based on the experiences of the new road to date.

The President stated that in 2016/17 road improvements totaling €7.3 milion have taken place, in Paphos and a further €2.2 million is set aside for 2018.  Smaller communities around Paphos itself have benefited in various ways from financial input for a variety of projects totaling over €38 million. 

We only have to visit Paphos centre and look around to see that Paphos is looking beautiful and is most definitely on the map, with thanks to the powers that be ranging from the President to the road builders.  Well done!