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Small DarylAs the weather gets hotter, so do our properties!  They are flying out the door very fast and the people buying are from all over Europe (including the UK, still just in Europe!) and also from outside the Euro Zone, including Russia and Serbia to name just two.  Some people are looking for a home and others want that holiday bolt-hole.  No matter what you want, we can help you find it.

Everyone is fed up with the ‘B’ word.  Brexit is a dirty word in many places due to the ongoing saga and arguments in the UK.  The new British High Commissioner, Stephen Lillie, has written a letter updating all UK/British nationals on Brexit and what it means to those living in Cyprus.  It is a comprehensive document addressing all the potential changes.  Please also remember that you will need to update your residence permit in due course (more information next month). 

Remember to review our amazing new website, www.cyprusproprertyboutique.com and of course to check our main website www.fitzgeraldcyprus.com.  We consider our websites to be exceptional and a winner in helping overseas’ purchasers shortlist the properties they wish to see, therefore saving time and stress when they arrive in Cyprus seeking that special home.  Visit us now!