A generous €100 million from the government’s Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) will be allocated to education reform, Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou said on Monday.

“Coming out of the pandemic we are designing the education of tomorrow,” the minister said.

The new plan for education will employ investments focusing on bringing schools up to speed with technological advancements while also making them more environmentally friendly.

The ministry will dedicate €77.2m to four reforms in several areas of the education system corresponding to the categories set out by the RRP, Prodromou said.

Firstly, €13.8 million dedicated to the digital transformation of schools to enhance digital skills and support STEM subjects, with €600,000 more to train teachers on ways to integrate new technologies in learning.

“This will digitally upgrade classrooms in 500 schools initially, and 700 at a later stage,” Prodromou said, adding that the ministry has already invited tenders in hopes the project can be finished by the next school year.

According to statements made by Prodromou on Friday, the ministry will not make the full plan public until it is approved by the House education committee.

(Cyprus Mail)