Autumn in Cyprus is rich in various Festivals that locals as well as tourists can enjoy. Here are some of the festivals to add to your list of places to visit.

Apple Festival

The picturesque Kyperounta, feasts the 15th apple festival, the weekend 8 and October 9, one of the biggest local festival of Cyprus. Residents for days dealing with passion and zeal exclusively to the preparation of the festival, making Cypriot dishes from apples after the Kyperounta produce 33% of the Cypriot apple production.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see and enjoy exposure apple varieties grown in Cyprus, photo on the apple, traditional and modern tools for apple cultivation, farmer’s market, offering food and drink main ingredient apple, zivania distillation apple, demonstration of traditional professions, preparing breads with yeast, chocolate and candied apple and more.
There, you will find everything that can be made from apple, apple zivania, milouze instead of palouze, juices ,creams ,sweets even soutziouko apple . The women of the community prepare the known pies with honey and Cairns zivania apple .

Olive Tree Day – At the olive park Oleastro, Anogyra, Limassol

Olive Oil’s unique theme park, Oleastro, where agricultural and processing operations are being carried out and excellent quality organic olive oil is produced, is preparing to open this year’s doors to welcome us to his established celebration this October!

Olive Day, which will take place in Olive Park in Anogyra in 2009, will be held this Sunday on Sunday on 8 October.
Admission to the public is free.

The program of the all-day celebration includes among others:
Cooking, Pastry, Halloween, Elliptic Baking demonstration to be offered to the public free of charge.
Exhibition of traditional professions and artists Anogyras
Food, music, dance and games

For more information: 99565768, 99525093.

September – October

Grape Festival- in Cypriot wine villages 

In September and October, many events take place in the Cypriot wine villages dedicated to grapes and various products derived from them.

Visitors can watch the production of wine and enjoy a range of products made from grapes.

Also guests can enjoy dances and songs and folk music revival of old folk customs, to visit the houses of the villages, local museums, churches and other attractions.

In the picturesque village of Limassol, rich artistic program and a variety of traditional dishes. In Oenological Centre Vouni Sunday 9 October at 15.30.

On October 13, in the village of Kilani annual festival “Annoima of Pitharka – Revival of the Ancient Pithigoion.

Traditional Bread Festival 2019

The Neromylos Kouyioukas (Watermill) opens its doors for a tour of tradition on Saturday 05.10.19

Music, dance, local products and demonstration of traditional arts and crafts!

Οn Saturday 05/10/19 at the annual festival organised by Neromylos Kouyioukas (Watermill) – 10 am to late afternoon – you can visit the Museum of Neromylos, the exhibitions of traditional arts and craftsmanship, to get acquainted with the methods of preparing the baked goods, tasting authentic flavours and have fun with live traditional and Greek music.

The Neromylos Kouyioukas is located at the Pafos District Road, 3km after Giolou Village.
The event will be honoured by the presence of the Minister of Health Mr. Konstantinos Ioannou.