Aquis Communautaire Treaty  –  basic principles of the EU applies regarding:

  • Free movement of persons
  • Free settling of persons
  • Free movement of capital
  • Free and unencumbered acquisition of immovable property(any number and types)

 The Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS)

On payment of relevant fees information can be provided to “interested persons” in relation to any Register or other book of the Lands and Survey Dept.

“Interested persons” means:

  • The owner of the property
  • The beneficiaries of any right or interest in the property,
  • Intending purchasers (permission from owner required)
  • Lenders under a mortgage
  • Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the owner
  • Valuers
  • Lawyers who are authorized by any of the above persons to ask information
  • Any other person as the Director of the DLS may order to be supplied with information

Provisions of information to potential buyers

Under the practice followed by the DSL, the fact that a person is a potential buyer is proved by the presentation of:

  • Written authorisation from the owner of the property (potential seller)
  • Written assertion by the owner of the property (potential seller ) that the particular person is a potential buyer

Note (1) : Buyers who have deposited their contract of sale in the DLS can receive information about the property anytime they wish

Note (2) : The information provided to purchasers or potential purchasers can include information about mortgages and other encumbrances on the property and any other relevant information.

Obtaining Search Certificates:

For particulars or encumbrances relating to a specific property or any other information for which no special fee is provided in the Law, a flat charge of €15 per hour securing the information is applied.