Eine Immobilie auf Zypern verkaufen?

Warum es die richtige Zeit ist, um meine Zypern Immobilie zu verkaufen 2022 wird von zukünftigen Generationen als ein Jahr anerkannt werden, in dem sich die Welt verändert hat. Alles scheint nach der Pandemie nur noch begrenzt verfügbar zu sein. Die Lieferkette scheint unzählige Verzögerungen zu erleiden. 2022 wird in die Geschichte eingehen [...]

My Home Feels Right-Looks Right-Checklist

Selling property is a challenge, especially when there are a lot of properties on the market. In such a market buyers are very choosy and exceedingly demanding and it is highly recommended that you conduct a thorough property audit with the help of Property To Do Checklist below. To Do Checklist Overall appearance is [...]

Right to Land Registry searches -„Interested persons“

The Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS) On payment of relevant fees information can be provided to interested persons in relation to any Register or other book of the Lands and Survey Dept. "Interested persons" means: The owner of the property The beneficiaries of any right or interest in the property, Intending purchasers (permission [...]

Legal Requirement in Property Transfer

When you sell property in Cyprus the final step is the actual transfer of the Title Deeds from the seller to the buyer. Transfer of immovable property means the passing of the title of immovable property from one person (the transferor) to another (the transferee) by the voluntary act of such persons.  Selling your [...]

5 Easy Steps To Increase The Value Of Your Home

First and foremost thing to do is to conduct a thorough inspection of your home. Not all home improvement are cosmetic so putting together a detailed 'To do list' is imperative to identify the items and prioritise different jobs in terms of your budget, urgency and importance in creating/adding value to your home. 1. Inspection [...]

EPC – Energy Performance Certificate

This is another huge leap into the 21st Century for Cyprus. The Performance of Buildings (Energy Certification of Buildings) Regulations come into force in January 2010 and specifies that all properties listed for sale must have a current energy performance certificate, the EPC. The cost of the EPC is the responsibility of the owner / seller and the [...]