EU Passports for Cyprus Property Buyers

The immovable Property Acquisition (Aliens) Law Acquisition of property in Cyprus by Alien is slightly more complex.  Buying property in Cyprus is open to aliens and the buying process largely follows the ordinary path when purchasing real estate in Cyprus.  However, procedures and relevant applications are best handled by expert legal representative (see article Cyprus [...]

The Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS)

If you are prospective buyer and want to have the Title Search for a particular property you are considered as a “interested person” who is entitled to be furnished with this information from the Lands Registry office. “Interested persons” could refer to: The owner of the property The beneficiaries of any right or interest in [...]

Security in Buying Property in Cyprus with the Title Deeds

The most important aspect of buying property in Cyprus is the presence of the Property Title Deeds. Under the Cyprus law, only the presence of the property Title Deeds in your name identifies you as the absolute owner of that property with all the rights, responsibilities and privileges contained therein. We are here to [...]