Geroskipou or Yeroskypos derives its name from the Greek ieroi kepoi, meaning Holy Garden. Little now survives to remind us of the pagan era, except for a few tombs and caves.  In the ’60 and’70, the archaeological excavations revealed that Geroskipou has been inhabited from at least the Late Bronze Age (1600 – 1050 B.C.). [...]

Kamares Village

Kamares village is the most talked about flagship residential development stretching along the series of hills cradled between south east side of the historic Tala Village and the very important St Neophytos Monastery further to the west. Development of  Village started in 1987 and has achieved prestigious international real estate awards for its highly [...]

Kato Paphos

The main destination of every tourist visiting Paphos. Kato Paphos means lower Paphos and is home to the Paphos castle amongst other historical remains. Home to the famous UNESCO world heritage site which incorporates the mosaics of the house of Dionysus and roman amphitheatres, Kato Paphos is also a centre of entertainment with countless [...]


Kissonerga, a small village about 7-8km north-west of Paphos, is situated on a plateau about 200m above the sea level and about 2km inland, with vast stretches of the village enjoying commanding views to the sea. Kissonerga had its beginning just north of the present day village where you will find a very rare [...]


Kouklia is located about 16 km from the city of Paphos, on the west end of Cyprus. The village is built in the area of "Palaepaphos" (Old Paphos), mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty. The foundation myth is interwoven with Aphrodite at every level, such that Old Paphos became the [...]