More than 89 per cent of Cypriots speak a foreign language, a study by global training company The Knowledge Academy shows.

At the bottom of the list of 28 EU countries is the UK.

According to Eurostat figures updated for 2019, 65.4 per cent of Brits admit they cannot speak any other language, just ahead of Romania (64.2 per cent), Hungary (57.6 per cent) and Bulgaria (50.5 per cent.)

Comparably, Sweden has the lowest percentage of people who do not any other language – 3.4 per cent.

The example set by Sweden is closely followed by Denmark (4.2 per cent), Latvia (4.2 per cent) and Lithuania (4.5 per cent), according to the report.

Slightly behind these three countries are Luxembourg (5.5 per cent) and Finland (8 per cent.)

Only 10.5 per cent of Cypriots do not speak any foreign languages. (Cyprus Mail)