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Rose Festival

Rose Festival

Rejoice in the Agros Rose Festival

Situated on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains in the heart of the Pitsillia region, the month of May sees the village of Agros come to life with festivities that pay homage to the mighty rose that villagers use to produce rose oil, rosewater, liqueur and brandy. Between May 12th and 14th and May 20th and 21st, you have the chance to visit local workshops and learn all about the distillation of roses. There will also be a rose exhibition, traditional products to buy, and folk dancing with lots of music. What’s more, it’s all free for the public to enjoy.

The 6th International Children’s Festival in Paphos

6th Childrens Festival

The 6th International Children’s Festival in Paphos

Sunday 7th  May
From 11:00

The first festival with the topic “Russia as kids see it” took place in the spring of 2012 with the aim to engage kids to learn about history and culture of Russia, getting to know the traditions and involving in the hand crafting. In the spring of 2013 the 2nd Festival was held with great success. The artistic efforts and imagination were united with a simple topic “I live in Cyprus”. The topic of the 3rd festival was “The Magical world”, which was held in May of 2014. In the year 2015, the festival’s topic was “The Kind Heart”, in the year 2016 the theme of the festival was “Friendship”.

Street Life Festival 2017

Street Life Festival 2017

Street Life Festival 2017

Saturday 6th May 
From 09:00 until 19:00

Festival will be held in Limassol on the Saripolou and Athenon streets -The festival is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. Over the previous years, it gained popularity and managed to get together more than 10,000 people on the streets of old town of Limassol and became one of the largest annual cultural events.  Music, graffiti, paintings, jugglers, sale of handicraft items, food and drinks- all of that is awaiting the visitors of the festival in the historical centre of Limassol.  The list of participants includes well-known professionals who will direct the process of making one giant graffiti painting.

Everyone has a chance to participate in the event by simply bringing own paint and create own master-piece of street art!


Limassol Boat Show

Limassol Boat Show

Limassol Boat Show

5th May - 17:00 to 21:00
6th May - 12:00 to 21:00
7th May - 12:00 to 21:00

More than 70 exhibitors present anything related to boating, yachting and fishing. The largest event of its kind in Cyprus attracts more than 15.000 visitors.

The event will also include seminars, presentations of new products, activities on the water and demonstrations. 



Hero ism


Friday 28th April
From 20:30 to 23:00

The Centre of Performing Arts MITOS participates in the program of the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 with a three year project with the title Hero-isms. The focus of this project is the strengthening of intercultural awareness through a better understanding of the other, which of course entails an appreciation of personal responsibility. This programme draws material from the European programme entitled The Songs of My Neighbours (2013-15) and develops parallel actions in the area of Mouttalos aimed at preparing and collecting material for the production of The Persians by Aeschylus.

Bridging Tastes – Exchanging Recipes

bRiDging tAstEs 360x203

Bridging Tastes – Exchanging Recipes

Friday 28th April
From 19:00 to 23:00

Students from various countries who attend the department of Hotel and Culinary Arts of Pafos’ Technical School will exchange recipes and experiences from their country of origin, narrating their personal stories and journeys. The event will be photographed to record the proximity of our cuisines as well as our cultural particularities. The event will naturally refer to current developments of culinary diversity through migration and refugees.

Common Ground

Common Ground

Common Ground

Thursday 27th April
From 20:00 to 23:00

Common Ground aims to create an artistic dialogue between children from the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities through workshops on the distinctively Cypriot art technique of cementography. Introduced for the first time by the innovative Cypriot artist Christoforos Savva in the 1960’s, this relatively new art form is the basis of this bi-communal project. The project invites the group of children from Pafos to use clay and stones collected on the “other side” to create cementography works imagining ‘A day in the life of Kyrenia’ (in the Northern part of Cyprus) and children from Kyrenia to create cementography works with materials from the South imagining ‘A day in the life of Pafos’. Both groups of children are confronted with the life of a city “on the other side” which they have never even visited. Bahar Chirali is in charge of the project in Kyrenia. Sylvia Nikolaides and Nicolas Iordanou will create a short documentary about the project which will be presented at the Ibrahim’s Khan. Curated by Miriam McConnon.

15th Cyprus Film Days International Festival 2017

15th Film Festival

15th Cyprus Film Days International Festival 2017

From Thurs 27th April - Sat 6 May

The Festival consists of two main programmes: the international competitive section known as Glocal Images and the non-competitive section known as Viewfinder which comprises films that have been screened and awarded at major festivals over the past year. Special tributes, parallel screenings, master classes, workshops and musical events, complete the program of the official International Film Festival of Cyprus. The Festival takes place in Lemesos at Rialto Theatre and in Lefkosia at Zena Palace Cinema.

Out of the Skin

Out of the skin 360x203

Out of the Skin

Sat 22nd April
From 20:00

This project aims at education and social integration for migrant children. The children are invited to explore their diversity and their foreign identity as an integral part of our multicultural environment. A group of artists, educators, dancers, and other specialists from various countries have selected 16 teenagers of different origins (Turkey, Greece, Africa, Russia, etc.) and of different social backgrounds. The teens will be called to interact and to produce collective creations, turning their experiences into artworks. These works will then be presented in a performance and an exhibition.

Philharmonic Encounters


Philharmonic Encounters

Sat 22nd April
From 20:00 to 21:30

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Pafos Municipality together with the Philharmonic Band of the Cyprus Police, the Cypriot National Guard, the Municipality of Lakatamia and the Matzaros Philharmonic Society of Corfu celebrate band music. The public will also be invited to participate in the Cine Philharmonic programme which combines cinema with music played by marching bands. Clips from films will be screened while the bands will be playing, giving the audience a unique experience it.

Philharmonic Encounters

Philharmonic Encounters

Philharmonic Encounters

Fri 21st April
From 20:00 - 21:30

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Pafos Municipality together with the Philharmonic Band of the Cyprus Police, the Cypriot National Guard, the Municipality of Lakatamia and the Matzaros Philharmonic Society of Corfu celebrate band music. The public will also be invited to participate in the Cine Philharmonic programme which combines cinema with music played by marching bands. Clips from films will be screened while the bands will be playing, giving the audience a unique experience it.

J. S. Bach looks towards Easy and West


J. S. Bach looks towards Easy and West

Wed 19th April
From 20:00 to 21:30

The concert highlights the importance of the Byzantine (East) and the Catholic (West) tradition in the evolution of European music. It revolves around the Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach (Trio String) combined with hymns and improvisations.
The event is part of the series of event titled: Music at the Threshold, which includes two other concerts linked by the particularities of the countries where they will be held, promoting the general co-existence between historical periods, cultures and traditions which (at first) seem to have nothing in common, but music is the link between them. The inspiration for these events is drawn from the routes followed by Kings, Apostles, conquerors and others who left their mark on Pafos. The stages will be set at the temple of Agia Kyriaki, the pillar of St. Paul and the grave of the Danish King Eric I (also known as Eric the Good), connecting the past to the present and the modern travellers to those who have passed by and left their traces in Pafos.

Per-sonat: Meramere

PER SONAT 360x203

Per-sonat: Meramere

Tues 18th Aparil
All Day Event

Codex Cyprus is a collection of secular and religious works by an unknown artist dating around the year 1413 AD. It is one of the few medieval manuscripts of this kind of music admired across Europe for nearly 300 years. Per-Sonat will show us both the religious and the secular part, thus highlighting the similarities between text and music.


arttwins forweb 360x216


Duration of Residency: 9-23 of April 2017
Inauguration: 22 of April, at 15:00 at Ierokipion Park, Geroskipou

Young artists exchange ideas to create common innovative works of public art to be placed in Pafos. In collaboration with other European Capitals of Culture ten young artists living in European, Asian and Middle Eastern cities will get the chance to explore new means of communication and issues of personal and collective interest. The artists will work in pairs (initially long-distance) on paintings, sculptures, new media, installations and architecture united by the common feature of public art. The artists will then meet to finalise and present their projects which will permanently be displayed in public places in Pafos.

Mind Your Step

MinD YOUR stEp 360x203

Mind Your Step

Sat 8th April - 9th April
From 14:00 - 18:30

Partners from Europe and Cyprus in collaboration with the Limassol Dance Centre will connect contemporary dance and (urban) space with a series of events focusing on dance and its effect on society. A symposium for artists and scientists specialising on urban landscape as well as a series of shows in the city centre will round off the project. The events aim to present the choreography of the city itself. Giulia Galvan presents a work which will offer new insight on unseen, unexplored and new spaces.


Dorians Challenge

dorian challenge

Dorians Challenge

Sat 8th April

Organisers proclaim that you’ll be ‘conquering obstacles the world has never seen,’ and it certainly looks as though it’s set to be one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Not your typical sporting race or event by any means, Dorians Challenge will soon be luring all fun loving and sporty types to the CTO beach in Larmaca with a series of themed obstacle runs and races inspired by the ancient Greek Dorian tribe, Greek mythology and history, as well as leading international obstacle course events. 

Whether you choose to take part in the original Dorians Challenge run of 5km and 20 obstacles, the Dorians Coastal Challenge with 20 obstacles by the coast and in shallow waters, or even, the Dorians Survival Challenge, adrenaline levels are set to soar. As the name of the event suggests, all runs and races are challenging, making you crawl, run, cross, swim, carry, lift and pull your way to the finishing line!

“Mata Hari: Eyes of the day”

mata hari

“Mata Hari: Eyes of the day” 

Wednesday 5th April at 19:00

The life story of the legendary dancer, spy, mysterious and contradictory Ms. Mata Hari during the WWI was full of hurdles – she had to become a strong woman in a world full of weak men and she had to follow her destiny without being afraid to pay the full price for it. She was admired, but no one loved her, her speeches were getting attention, but no one really listened to her, others demanded answers from her, yet no one made any efforts to understand them..

Terue Yamauchi: When Solid begins Turning Fluid

terue Yamauchi image 360x203

Terue Yamauchi: When Solid begins Turning Fluid

5 April to 29 April
From: 16:00 to 19:00

Due to her in-depth research, the artist Terue Yamauchi focuses on man’s relationship with the sea. The co-existence of the two protagonists is presented in this exhibition through video, photographs and installations created in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. During the presentation of her work, Terue

Yamauchi will offer discussions with the audience. Curator: Chiaki Kamikawa.
With the collaboration and support of the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee

The Akathistos Hymn

akathistos imnos 360x203

The Akathistos Hymn

2nd April
From 20:00 - 22:00

The choir of the Pafos Music Group, conducted by Sotiris Karagiorgis and the choir of Aris Limassol, conducted by Solon Kladas, present this masterpiece of Byzantine hymns with music by Christos Leontis.
Leontis is a significant Greek composer and has based this work on Byzantine and folk music, whilst incorporating eastern elements and contemporary music.

A Piano Duo Concert

Piano Duo Concert

PianDuo Concert
with Elina Linchevskaya & Zbynek Maruska

FRI 31st March
From: 20:00

The two artists, the Russian Elina Linchevskaya and the Czech Zbynek Maruska, originate from the same generation of pianists who came through the disciplined and structured musical education that was traditionally taught and made their countries famous for. The programme features works by Mozart, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Dvorak.

Concert of the Mens’ choir of St. Petersburg Orthodox Religious Academy


Concert of the Mens’ choir of St. Petersburg Orthodox Religious Academy

Tuesday 28th March at 20:30

As part of the “Russian Culture Days”, the Rialto theatre in Limassol will host the concert of the Mens’ choir of St. Petersburg Orthodox Religious Academy.

The choirs consists of 35 singers and is touring around Russia, performs in theatres, universities and churches, as well as permanent participant in international festivals.


Games of Imagination

Games of Imagination

Games of Imagination

Duration of the exhibition: March 26th - 7th April
Visting Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 - 13:00 & 16:00 - 19:00

Andreas D. Symeou invites you to his 2nd exhibition of acrylic paintings. Imagination is the core issue of the new series of the artist. Other features of his works are freedom of expression and style, variety and experimentation. The themes vary from completely abstract works to imaginary landscapes or symbolic compositions which are intended to send some humanitarian, ecological or peace-loving messages. The exhibition will be inaugurated by the Mayor of Paphos Mr. Ph. Phedonos on Sunday the 26th of March at 18:00 and a reception will follow.

Tours & Traces / Amargeti


Tours & Traces / Amargeti

Sun 26th March

From 10:00 - 14:00


The Community Involvement Programme of the Pafos2017 Organisation visits Amargeti village, which is located about 30 minutes east of Pafos, for a different kind of tour. Until 1958, Amargeti used to be a village were Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots lived together in harmony. The route follows the traces of history and memory, choosing and highlighting hidden spaces and explores elements that cannot be seen at first glance. 

The Mind, Body & Spirit – Festival in Limassol

The Mind Body Spirit 3

The Mind, Body & Spirit – Festival in Limassol

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March
From 11:00 until 20:00

The St. Raphael hotel in Limassol will host the annual The Mind, Body & Spirit festival.

More than 100 participants of the exhibition will present their goods for healthy nutrition, herbal teas, food supplements, bio products, natural cosmetics, essential oils, precious crystal, hand-made items, spiritual development books and many other goods.

During the festival, visitors will be able to attend various presentations, seminars, gymnastics and dancing workshop, and to listen to the performances by various musicians.

1st Festival Herbs & Donkeys


1st Festival Herbs & Donkeys

25th - 26th March 2017

Cyherbia Botanical Park and Golden Donkeys Farm are holding their first joint festival Herbs & Donkeys! Last September the two parks won an award for their green and sustainable cooperation, which sparked off the idea to carry on the collaboration by hosting this event together. The festival will be held on the premises of golden Donkeys Farm in Skarinou, from 10 am till 6 pm. During these two days you can taste various herbal teas and learn about their health benefits, taste herb infused wines, grape products and baked goods with herbs, you can learn about the benefits of donkey milk and have a taste of it, as well as see a variety of locally produced traditional health products at various stalls. There will be a treasure hunt for children, storytelling, and a baking workshop with herbs. Musician Lefteris Moschovias will provide an original musical not to the event, by making and playing music on unconventional instruments, such as carrots, pebbles and other natural and recycled objects. Don't miss this unique event! 

Gran Fondo 2017 powered by Volkswagen


Gran Fondo

Gran Fondo 2017 powered by Volkswagen 

From Friday, March 24, 2017

To Sunday, March 26, 2017

After five years of continuous development and successful organization of the VW Cyprus Cycling Tour now ranks among the largest cycling events for amateurs, the racing series of the International Cycling Union, the UCI Gran Fondo World Series.

To VW Cyprus Cycling Tour, as Cyprus Gran Fondo will now be featured in 2017 among the 19 biggest cycling events of the UCI, of which 10 are held in Europe. These events act as qualifiers for the world amateur championship to be held in August 2017 in Albi, France. All participants of Cyprus Gran Fondo will have the opportunity to earn their qualification in the Gran Fondo World Championship.

Every rider who qualifies for the World Championships, through the Cyprus Gran Fondo, will receive a commemorative UCI Gran Fondo World Series medal whereas all riders will receive a participant's medal from the first ever VW Cyprus Cycling Tour - Cyprus Gran Fondo 2017!

Salsa Congress in Cyprus



Salsa Congress in Cyprus

From Friday 24th until Monday 27th of March

The Grecian Park 5-star Hotel on Cape Greco (between Ayia Napa and Protaras) will host the 12th Salsa Congress in Cyprus.

Room in a Wall

room in a Wall 360x203

Room in a Wall

Wed 22nd - Wed 29th March

From 16:00 - 19:00

Geneva based photographer Aron Rossman-Kiss, has travelled to many areas of the world and has photographed different borders, with Cyprus being one of his destinations. His photographic material will be presented in an exhibition in collaboration with the Cyprus Society of Photography (Pafos).

Bach Birthday Concert: 332 years since the birth of J.S. Bach


Bach Birthday Concert banner

 Bach Birthday Concert:

332 years since the birth of J.S. Bach

Tues 21st March
From: 15:00

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) was born on 21 March 1685, 332 years ago, in Eisenach Germany. The P3A Concert Group will celebrate, with birthday cake and his music, along with pieces from his sons, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714 – 1788) and Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach (1732 – 1795). Musicians to perform are: Natalia Lezedova (piano), Doros Zesimos (cello) and Nina Ioannidou (piano).

Lets Move

letsmove 360x203

Let’s Move

SUN 19th  MARCH at 19:00

The European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017 sends out an invitation to the first event of the programme ‘Let’s Move’, with dance performances in town squares. The participation and joint creativity are essential factors for overcoming the differences between people, and also for the harmonious combination of various elements that constitute the fluid cultural identity of Pafos. This project combines community involvement with artistic creation, while dance schools join with professionals creating, thus, a performance for the residents and visitors of our town.

Sleeping Beauty - The Royal Ballet

the sleeping beauty 2

Sleeping Beauty - The Royal Ballet

Starts 18:30, March 19th 2017 

Celebrate 70 years of The Royal Ballet’s landmark production and enter an enchanted world of princesses, fairy godmothers and magical spells.

A perennial delight and a much-loved classic,The Royal Ballet's The Sleeping Beauty combines the best of classical ballet, with all its charms and virtuosity, splendid music and talented dancers.

First choreographed to Tchaikovsky's great musical score by Marius Petipa in Russia in 1890,The Sleeping Beauty has wonderful ensembles, solos including the Rose Adage as Princess Aurora meets her suitors, and of course the concluding celebratory dances for the happy union of prince and princess. The Royal Ballet's landmark staging was revived for the Company's 75th anniversary celebrations in 2006.

OPAP Limassol Marathon 2017 - Run with a Smile

201124 0.limassol marathon

OPAP Limassol Marathon 2017 - Run with a Smile

SAT, 18 – SUN, 19 MARCH

We run AND party as a team. Do not miss the fun. Lots of parallel events going on, such as music and dance groups, bands and much more. The course of the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO is of a low degree of difficulty. It is essentially a flat race with its unique characteristic being the long straight lines, and the greatest part of the marathon taking place along the coastal road of greater Lemesos. The start of the race is on the seafront Molos area (the promenade).

“DANDELION” Guitar Recital with Sotiris Kasparides

1267dandelion guitar recital web


Guitar Recital with Sotiris Kasparides   

From: 20:00

The guitarist Sotiris Kasparides performs works of classical guitar composers of the romantic and classical era, and works of the baroque and modern period of classical music, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Mauro Giuliani, Francisco Tárrega, André Jolivet and Leo Brouwer. The recital’s programme consists of works of different character and era that highlight each composer, as well as works of Kasparides that will be performed for the first time, unfolding the composing possibilities for the classical guitar.

Ballet Grand Gala

Ballet Grand Gala

Ballet Grand Gala

Sat 18th March
From 20:30

Swan Lake Entertainment and Russian Ballet Theatre pleased to announce the Ballet Grand Gala. Masterpieces of classic ballets and modern choreography will be performed by outstanding ballet dancers – soloists of Mariinsky Theater, Russian Ballet Theatre and National Tokio Theatre.


Celebrating Stass

Celebrating Stass

Celebrating Stass

Exhibition - FRI 17th MARCH – SUN 30th APRIL

Opening Hours - 10:00 to 15:00

An exhibition that pays tribute to Stass Paraskos, one of the most well-known and internationally acclaimed Cypriot artists who has linked his name with the establishment and operation of the School of Fine Arts in Lemba. 

Stass, with his exuberant personality and his international displacement, has left his own mark and a rich legacy in the artistic scene of Cyprus. The exhibition is a retrospective of his work from 1960 until his death in 2014, and will present works of the artist that are part of national and international collections, including Tate Gallery of London. The exhibition is curated by Michael and Margaret Paraskos.
Entrance: Free


Kirana Music Workshop

Kirana MusicKirana Music Workshop

SUN, 12 – SAT, 18 MARCH

The project Kirana aims to foster talented children from various European cities under the guidance of the Maltese musician and composer Ruben Zahra. In 2017, the Pafos Music Gymnasium will be founded, and Pafos2017 invites four artists from Valletta, the European Capital of Culture for 2018 in Malta, for a five-day workshop with its students.

This will give the students the opportunity to work
with professional artists and to learn about
contemporary music, cartoon animation, dance,
light engineering and puppet theatre. With the
participation of Christopher Gatt, Pamela
Baldacchino Kerr, Tricia Dawn Williams, Eleni
Kyprianou (conductor), and Stavros Tsartsalis
(coordinator) from the Pafos Music Gymnasium.
Entrance: Free
Maniera Cypria: 13th Century Icons in Cyprus Maniera Cypria

2x1 kypriako to tropoweb e1485959860631 360x191Maniera Cypria: 13th Century Icons in Cyprus Maniera Cypria

Thursday 19th January – Monday 31st July 2017 
9:00 – 16:00

Byzantine Museum Nicosia The exhibition “Maniera Cypria” attempts to highlight the painting production of icongraphy in Cyprus during the 13th century and the influences from the East and the West. Through the icons on display in the exhibition, the parameters influencing painting production are analysed: the multicultural environment created in Cyprus during the first century of the Frankish conquest, the establishment of the Latin Church on the island…