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Pafos 2017 - European Capital of Culture

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MOUSIKI 360x204


Saturday 16th September
20:30 - 21:30

Based on the work by Christa Wolf, the opera presents the moment just before Cassandra, defeated by gods and people alike, falls in the hands of the Achaeans. In the little time she has left, Cassandra from Troy tells her story and her sufferings as a child, a lover, a prisoner and a woman.
Director Hervé Loichemoi showcases the strength of his heroine, while composer Michael Jarrell dresses the performance with different music genres. Fanny Ardant, who has worked with some of the most distinguished European directors, takes on the role of Cassandra and her exquisite performance confirms her reputation as one the best French actresses.
In French with Greek and English subtitles.

Location Pafos Castle Square
Tickets: €20 - €30