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DSC 9720This masterly designed villa represents everything you love in a resale property superior setting, flair of design, ideal lifestyle ambiance, tranquility and comfort.

The villa is almost hidden behind the colourful shrubs and trees spanning the extra generous frontage, assuring you of utmost privacy.  Here you enter into a secluded world that’s full of colour and tranquility, a ‘heavenly’ Mediterranean garden enriched with a myriad of colours, shady retreats, and relaxing alcoves which surround the villa.

Small DarylMost people have heard of the Goddess Aphrodite who walked ashore and stunned everyone with her outstanding beauty, and Aphrodite’s Rock near to Paphos is evidence of this and a must see if you visiting Cyprus.

So what else is the Island of Love famous for?  It has fantastic weather, rapidly increasing tourism and its easily achieved Tourist Weddings.  Also it is from the visits for holidays and weddings that people fall in love with the island and yearn to live or retire to Cyprus, and many end up buying the property of their dreams.

GermaniaPaphos airport is to see an increase in flights from Germany as of the end of March. Two of the largest German airlines will connect the Paphos airport to German airports, increasing the number of Tourists arriving to the island through Paphos.

V8Village life can be an acquired taste.  Many town and city dwellers eventually succumb to the charms on offer in a village in Cyprus.  Whether it’s retirees moving back to their roots or hardworking citizens saving for a weekend home, the attractions of quiet roads, picturesque lanes and traditional fayre make the urbanite yearn for a quiet day in which to head to their mountain retreat or seaside village ancestral home.

TOKVisitors have been flocking to the Tombs of the Kings site in Paphos after experts announced a mausoleum there had been created for a king of Cyprus, Ptolemy Eupator.

The mausoleum dates back to 166-152 BC and Ptolemy Eupator was the son of Ptolemy VI Philometor and Cleopatra II, and for a short time in 152 BCE reigned over part of the Ptolemaic dynasty as co-ruler with his father.

Small DarylThe Cyprus property market is continuing its positive upward trend in the re-sale property market.  Additionally, there is heightened activity by the developers securing a raft of new building permits.  December 2016 showed that developers have secured more than 55% more building permits than were issued at the same time in the previous year. The building permits cover both the construction of single villas and multiple housing units which include apartments, semi-detached and townhouses.