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Small DarylThe latest government statistics of all home sales show marked improvements across the island. In Limassol, where traditionally the property prices are much higher than in Paphos, a total of 130 property sales were registered in October. Paphos come second, with 90 sales. To break down the October figures still further, Paphos District registered 50 sales (55% of sales) to overseas buyers whilst Limassol only managed 27, or 21%.   Fitzgerald’s had 7 buyers in October and 9 in November with 7 villa sales for the two months.

We, asSmall Daryl a nation, realize that the Cyprus dire circumstances of 2013 are mostly self inflicted yet, with the assistance of the IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank, ( ' the Troika'), coupled with a good dose of national determination and pride, Cyprus has achieved spectacular progress to date.

The government has implemented a long series of reforms, directives and measures to boost the economy and attract investments through modernasing legislation, promoting development projects, introducing tax incentives and speeding up licensing procedures.

Airline-GermaniasSEVEN NEW flights a week operated by airline Germania will connect Paphos with five German airports from next year.

The Paphos regional board of tourism confirmed that the flights would commence in March 2015.

A spokesman noted that the development was an important move for Paphos and had come about through the cooperation and efforts of the tourism board, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO), airport operator Hermes, and airline Germania.

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Your new home is located in an exceptional bayside neighbourhood which is full of interest and charm with meandering green hedges, colourful trees and shrubs, and offers a park-like setting. Coral Bay you’ll find long stretches of pristine beaches dotted with many bays. One secluded bay is virtually on your doorstep (home is 230m away)!  

paphos-digs-unearth-pottery-and-coinsssPottery of different categories, terracotta figurines, coins and metal objects, were found in a well excavated during the Paphos Agora Project, as part of archaeological investigations into what was once the ancient city of Nea Paphos, the capital of Cyprus in the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

​PresidentSmall Daryl of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has affirmed the Government’s resolve to judiciously implement, without delays, the Memorandum of Understanding agreed with the Troika with the overall aim of returning to a sustainable growth path. 

The President made the remark during the presentation of the credentials of the new Ambassador of the Republic of Portugal, Joao Manuel Pina Perestrello Cavaco during a formal ceremony at the Presidential Palace.